Professional Translation Services

Adventures in Freelance Translation   

Business Writing

How Fast Can You Change Passive Verbs? 

A Lesson on "Fewer" and "Less"

The Differences Between Our Writing and Shakespeare's

T-Shirt Error Loses Sale


Shall We Go Further, of Farther?


Acronyms Do Not, Comfort, Doc

Anxiously or Eagerly? It Depends.


Cleaning Up 'Spots' for Global Readers


Thank you in Advance

Condolences to Newton Connecticut


The Interpreter Diaries

Come divento traduttore?

Révision et relecture


An Introduction to Machine Translation


Glossaries by EU Institutions and Bodies

A Consecutive demo: los locávoros


What is a PO and why is it important in freelance translation?

Why Interpreters make the best parents

 Editorial: Botched in Coartroom Translation

Tips for Freelancers

The ideal translation agency

7 Mistakes Freelance Translators Should Avoid

10 Things to Do Before Attending a Conference

Getting started with Twitter – A translator’s journey

Why to Chose a Major about Foreign Languages!/conchita64


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