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 Conchita Conigliaro

Milan - ITALY  


1983 Diploma in classical studies ‘Liceo Classico’ – Italian high school;

1988 University Degree (BA) in Translation and Interpreting - S.S.I.T. (School for Interpreters and Translators located in Florence) Languages: English (degree thesis: translation from English into Italian of  Sound and Hearing by Martin Rosenberg) and French (degree thesis: translation from French into Italian of Vivement des femmes by Violaine de Cordon);

1991 Refresher course for translators and interpreters (technical translation and simultaneous translation - English) S.S.I.T – Florence - March - May 1991;

1997 University Degree (MA) in Foreign Languages (first language: English, second language: French) I.U.L.M. (Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne – University Institute of Modern Languages) Milan - (degree thesis in Glottology: Modelli di indeuropeizzazione. La ‘rivoluzione’ di Colin RenfrewIndeuropeanization Models. Colin Renfrew’s ‘Revolution). 

Language pairs

Italianmother tongue
English Italian25 years of experience
French –Italian25 years of experience
Spanish- Italian15 years of experience 

Specialist subject areas

Oil & Gas (field experience at Sicon Oil & Gas)
Technical and Business documentation Education (field experience as a high-school teacher)
Human Resources (field experience at the University of Milano-Bicocca)
Medicine (cardiology – stent implantation)                         


A.N.I.T.I. Ordinary Member (Italian Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators)

Pro Translator Certification ( certification granted according to the EN 15038)

 Translation Experience

·         Since 1989 translator and liaison interpreter for Logos (translation company located in Modena - Italy) and Project Manager for the same company. In-house and free-lance technical translator from the following languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish for different contracting companies (brochures, promotion materials, tourism, product data sheets, manuals, contracts, terms and conditions, company presentations, web sites, mechanics, construction, civil engineering, optical fibres, power stations, onshore and offshore pipelines) in Florence, Modena, Milan, Turin and Novara (Sicon Oil & Gas - OiltechElettra Energia). Translations for the European Council through an Italian company dealing in technical translations (Servizi Estero) located in Milan (from English and French into Italian - fields: commerce, agreements, advertising over the Internet). Translations for ABC Traductions, located in France (commercial and agricultural translations from French into Italian).
·         2005-2012 translator over the Internet for TARGET LANGUAGES – Madrid – Spain (carpentry); FOX SERVICE – Prague – Czech Republic (gas turbines); LOQUAX – Lublin – Poland (literary translations); GLOBALVOX S.L. – Madrid - Spain and GLOBALVOX AUSTRIA – Vienna - Austria (cooperation on a regular basis: technical manuals, home appliances, business standards, human resources, solar energy, bioponics, information technology, tourism, cosmetics, medicine); TTD Inc. – Illinois – USA (certificates); TRANSWELL  Inc. – Rhode Island – USA (jewellery, legal documents, medicine); PERRELET ASSOCIATES – England – UK (cooperation on a regular basis: hydraulic engineering); ALBOUM & ASSOCIATES - Virginia - USA (technical manuals).

 Other Experiences

·         1998 – 2007 Teaching experiences of English and French as a second language in high schools located in Milan;
·         May 2002 – June 2005 employee (non-permanent employment contract) at the University of Milano-Bicocca located in Milan – Italy;
·         Since November 2007 employee (permanent employment contract) at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Human Resources - Competitions for Teaching Staff).


WINDOWS XP:  Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer.
C.A.T. tools: Wordfast Anywhere.


Acer Notebook Aspire E1-571 - 2.4 Ghz - 500 GB HDD
Acer Notebook Aspire 5920 – 1.83 Ghz – 250 GB
HP Mini 110 – 1,66 Ghz – 250 GB
Router: ADSL  connection to the Internet 20 Mb
Colour printer 

 Conference Participation 

First Virtual Conference – September 30, 2009

Freelance Translator Virtual Conference - September 30, 2010

Spanish Virtual Workshop – January 27, 2011

Virtual teaser - Negotiation & Communication Skills Workshop - Preview upcoming Negotiation & Communication Skills Workshop – February 3, 2011 2011 site guidance virtual event - "Small changes, big results" - September 27, 2011 2011 Recruitment day event - "Small changes, big results" - September 28, 2011

Questions you have always wanted to ask one-day recruitment opportunities – April 24, 2012

Conférence Virtuelle Française – July 19, 2012

Conferencia virtual en español: «Productividad y herramientas de negocios» - Cómo mejorar su organización y su productividad – September 12, 2012

Recruitment day - September 26, 2012

2012 Freelance translator virtual conference - The freelance translator as professional CEO - September 27, 2012

Training courses attended:

I margini di libertà del traduttore - un negoziato infinito (course on the limits of freedom for a translator)

Scope of the translator's role - purposes and expectations, tools, procedures and technologies for each step

Translation environment - Tools and procedures to take advantage of

Can you learn to become a reviewer? Guidelines and practical steps to perform the job of a reviewer

Corso approfondito sulla traduzione medica (course on medical translation)

Come tradurre acronimi e abbreviazioni nel settore medico (course on acronyms and abbreviations in medical texts)

Marketing per traduttori: Realizzare un CV efficace e professionale in 60 minuti (how to make an effective and professional CV in 60 minutes)





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